Big Data and CRM on Hype Cycle

In the early part of this century I was involved in CRM implementations. Looking at the current surge in big data technologies I was wondering if there are similar things happening now as in the days when CRM was hot.

After doing more than a dozen CRM implementations I took some time to reflect on the challenges around CRM implementations.

Here is the list of reasons why CRM projects often fail:

  • No executive sponsorship and involvement
  • Unchanged organizational  structures  and culture
  • Leaving out the customer in defining CRM programs
  • Little attention to new customer metrics
  • Technology is leading the CRM program
  • Data quality issues
  • CRM only at departmental levels
  • Lack of CRM skill and resources

I added to that a quote from John McKean revealing a paradox in the competencies companies have invested over the years: “Over 90% of all CRM/Customer Information investments relate to technology and information. Less than 10% is historically invested in people, process, organization, culture and leadership” (John McKean. Information Masters, Secrets of the Customer Race, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd).

Although the scope and opportunities regarding Big Data are beyond that of CRM, same list of challenges apply.

I wonder how much we have learned from this….